“Perfect Centrepieces”

“Perfect Centrepieces”


Centrepieces are an important part of the styling at any seated event – whether it be a wedding, corporate gathering or a dinner party. Often overlooked, this simple item is an essential feature of any event if used correctly.

Why use a centrepiece? During a meal, guests are in their seats for the majority of the time therefore having an interesting and beautiful centerpiece is an important feature of the event. The centrepiece provides an up close decoration for the guests to enjoy. A clever centrepiece will provide an ice breaker for guests who haven’t met before and if chosen correctly, it should tie together the theme of the event.

Which Centrepiece to use? There are a few basic rules to follow when choosing a centerpiece:

  1. Co-ordinate with the theme
    It would really defeat the purpose if a centrepiece didn’t capture the theme of the event. This is an opportunity to recreate the atmosphere already created by other features such as music, decorations etc.
  2. Be functional
    Centrepieces can feature candles to improve lighting or to create atmosphere. Or they could even become a part of the event themselves by featuring in a raffle or competition.
  3. Look Good
    Remember your guests have no choice but to look at that centrepiece so make sure it looks good!! Consider the size and shape of your table and make sure the centrepiece doesn’t look awkward or incorrectly sized.

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