Taylored to You Terms and Conditions

1) All Christmas trees and bases, Vases, Garlands, Wreaths, Table Centre Pieces, LED Lights and any other

Christmas Decorations remain the property of Taylored to Suit.

2) All quotes are valid for one month from the date received.

3) The booking is not considered confirmed until;

a) a signed contract has been returned to Taylored to Suit

b) the 50% deposit has been received by Taylored to Suit

4) Final payment is required by the day of completion of setup unless otherwise agreed in writing. If full payment

is not received within the agreed terms, interest may be charged at an annual rate of 15%

5) Every effort will be made to provide products and services as described in the signed Quote/Booking Form. If

due to unforeseen circumstances Taylored to Suit is unable to supply any product/service as described,

Taylored to Suit reserves the right to substitute with an alternative of equal value. In the unlikelihood of

additional costs for any product/service, notice will be provided to the Client for approval and acceptance of

the additional costs.

6) If unnecessary delays occur in installation or dismantling, due to access problems, areas not cleared for the tree

or manager not available to discuss any problems additional charges will be imposed.

7) The LED low voltage lights must be used with due care. Make sure the electrical plug is dry before putting into

power point.

a) The LED transformer must never be covered and must always have adequate ventilation.

b) Client’s electrical outlets are to be in a safe working order and free from clutter and debris before installing

the LED lights.

c) The power adaptor for the LED lights is 4cm width and 13cm height. If the client’s power point does not

have enough clearance a power board, extension cord or double adaptor must be provided by the client

and available on the day of installation.

8) Should Taylored to Suit be called back to rectify a problem that is through no fault of their own, a call out fee of

$150 will be charged.

9) Christmas trees or decorations should not be moved or altered once installed – if Taylored to Suit are called

out to rectify a problem caused by an unauthorised person, a call out fee of $150 will be charged.

10) Taylored to Suit will not be held liable for any accidents, incidents or injuries relating to the Christmas


11) No amendment to these terms and conditions shall be binding by Taylored to Suit unless made in writing and

signed by Taylored to Suit management.

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